Aktualno / Delavnica in razstava Crossover

Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije, 20. do 24. 02. 2012

Študenti: skupina 35 študentov, drugi letnik, Katedra za notranjo opremo /
Students: Group of 35 students, second year of study, Interior design Department

Mentorji / Mentors:
Paul Michielsen
Patrick Reuvis
Jasna Kralj Pavlovec
Helena Knap

Kratek opis delavnice v angleščini / Brief description of the workshop

Partnerji / Partners:
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia
Architectune, the Netherlands
Lessius Mechelen, Belgium
Centre KORAK for Rehabilitation after Acquired Head Injury, Kranj
Slovenian Association of Students with Disabilities
Senzorium Theatre

The goal of the project:
The goal is to design an exhibition “CROSSOVER” in a way to procure access to all people and also for people with specific needs. The first step is going to be a theoretical framework with representatives of different groups with specific needs and their mentors. They will present:
–    their daily life obstacles and how they deal with them;
–    the most frequent barriers they confront in public spaces and buildings and the possible solutions;
–    examples of good practices of space design where they have equivalent possibilities as others.
This knowledge will be the starting point of the second phase of our project of designing a Cultural Pavilion for Texas.
The emphasis will be on design legalities for specific groups, which are global and at the same time students are going to research specific local/state/national identities.

Good student design solutions could be implemented into the research project Design for the people with specific needs.

Kontaktna oseba, predstojnica Katedre za notranjo opremo / Contact person, head of the department for Interior design Jasna Kralj Pavlovec

OPIS DELAVNICE PO DNEVIH, besedilo Blanka Čakš, študentka 2. letnika katedre za notranjo opremo
Brief description of the workshop by 2nd year student Blanka Čakš

1. DAY, 20. 2. 2012
Today we had the first day of workshops Crossover on the topic SENSE.
At first we had a lecture from the director of the rehabilitation Center Korak, Kranj, which aims to help people after head injuries. Their main goal is to teach people who are disabled to function by themselves, how to be independent.
After that we had an interesting presentation of the equipment used by people with physical disabilities. The equipment was presented to us by members of the Slovenian Students’ Association of Persons with Disabilities.
Last we heard the presentation from the guest lecturer form Denmark, architect Paul Michielsen. He spoke of the human senses (smell, taste, touch, sight, hearing and balance). Work flow was organised in groups, where each had to think about each sense and draw a sketch of his/hers installation.

2. DAY, 21. 2. 2012
Today we opened the workshop Crossover with an introduction by arch. Patrick Reuvis, guest lecturer from Lessius Mechelen.  Later on he presented some of his previous projects.
Barbara Pia Jenič, director and artistic leader of Sensorium Theatre, took us on a meditative journey of human senses through meditative-relaxation exercises.
After the second presentation of Patrick Reuvises’ previous projects we got galvanized with ideas of our own and started working on our original installations.

3. DAY, 22. 2. 2012
Today we joined all the knowledge that we gained from the previous lectures in the past few days and combined it with our personal brainstorming to conclude the idea for group installations. When the final idea for the group installation was finished, we started with intensive work with the help of our mentors Paul Michielsen, Patrick Reuvis, Jasna Kralj Pavlovec and Helena Knap.

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